Making The Beat – Series started !

As already mentioned before, I started producing videos for the official headlinerbeats.com Youtube channel.

The first episode of Making The Beat shows how I reproduced Chris Brown’s – AYO ft. Tyga in a few minutes.

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HeadlinerBeats now on Youtube !




I decided to create a brand new Youtube channel in order to be able to share my knowledge with you guys. I am planning on doing a web series about producing & mixing beats.  The first episode of “HeadlinerBeats.com – Making the Beat” will be dropped on Sunday the 25th of January 2015. Each following week I will be releasing another episode.

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Social Media

Headlinerbeats.com  is now also on Facebook and Youtube !

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Chris Jane “The Only One” remix contest

The Only One Remix Contest

I just finished my remix of “The Only One” by Chris Jane. As I was hearing the song for the first time, I immediatly thought “Hey, this will make a great EDM song”, so I just did it.

Feel free to take a listen and spread this remix arround the web.

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Listen & Download at my soundcloud